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Renders - Release 0.1

These images are from the testing and release versions of 0.1.

Pretty much chronological order and all using the brand new code organisation (ok, so much of the code is from pre0.1 but never mind, I did reorganize it over the last year :).

Some of these aren't timed, but they didn't take very long (the ones that did I didn't complete since I don't have the patience ;).

Implement spectral materials already!!

Basic Cornell box with Whitted style direct lighting (hacked materials).

Man path tracing sucks ;)

Naive path tracing, accurate spectral materials.

Woo! A Cornell Box! How original!

Cornell box with jittered direct lighting sampling. It's a bit crap at the moment because I'm still figuring out the sampling subsystem (i.e. how to pass around samplers and regenerate samples in a functional way!).

Dull distribution ray tracing again...

Distribution ray tracing again, jittered direct sampling.

IGI The First

Instant Global Illumination, I don't think my implementation works correctly yet, this is one of the first images using it though (terrible sampling etc.).

IGI - only more!

A slightly improved version.

IGI getting better

Getting better certainly, these images don't include direct lighting. The transitions between lights are very harsh.

IGI loooonnngg

This is a full render in 512x512. It took almost two hours so I'm very disappointed with the result.

High poly meshes

This is a render in 512x512 of a lovely horsey statue, with a Phong BRDF.

3 Spheres

3 spheres, the central one has a shiny phong material and the others are red lambertian surfaces.

Cornell Box with shiny sphere

Just as the title says. Theres something screwy going on though! I always thought there was something suspect about the cornell box model, or at least my renderings of it.

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